Affordable Pricing

Bulk prices on application. Delivery is FREE in the local area. Our long lasting Kiln Dried Logs are the perfect multi-functional fuel; you can also use the quality kiln dried wood we have for sale in Pizza Ovens, Chimeneas, or Braziers!

Delivered Hardwood Logs

£95.00 1 Bin
£185.00 2 Bin   £5 discount
£275.00 3 Bin   £10 discount
£360.00 4 Bin   £20 discount
£450.00 5 Bin   £25 discount
£510.00 6 Bin   £60 discount

Collection Hardwood Logs

£85.00 1 Bin
£110.00 1.2 Bin
£5.00 2 Nets of Kindling
£70.00 Softwood Logs Collection

Our barn dried logs are delivered in a specially made trailer that carries 6 bins of logs, or, our tipper truck that carries 4 bins of logs. Each bin is equivalent to the same volume as a builder tonne bag of sand. You can order between 1 or 6 bins of logs on a load, the more you order the more discount you get. (N.B we do not cut logs to any size we have a standard size of 10″-11″ long)

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